General Information
What will be included in my criminal record check?
We will disclose whether or not you have a criminal record. This is indicated with a ‘Yes’ - if any criminal convictions have been detected on your record or a ‘No’ - if no criminal convictions have been detected. If a criminal record has been detected,...
What is the refund policy for a criminal record check
We currently do not offer refunds on our criminal record checks. Please check with your employer to ensure that third-party criminal record checks are acceptable before purchasing. If you believe that there has been an error on your report, please conta...
What information is required to get a Criminal Record Check?
To get your criminal record check through Instant Record Check, you will need to provide your personal information including name, phone number, birth date, current and past addresses, and if you have previously been convicted of a crime.
What does Instant Record Check do?
Instant Record Check is an online platform that provides Canadians with fast and easy RCMP criminal record checks from the comfort of their own home, without the hassle of lining up or driving to a police station.
Can I get a Criminal Record Check while living in a different country?
Yes, Instant Record Check will be able to run a criminal record check for anybody with Canadian identification no matter where they are currently living!
How can I see my criminal record check?
You can see your criminal record check via email and your Instant Record Check account. Additionally, you will be able to download your criminal record check as a PDF.
What forms of payment are accepted?
Payments are made through stripe, which includes major credit cards and Apple Pay.
Who can get a criminal record check?
Individuals who are Canadian Citizens or have landed immigrant status (also known as a permanent residency) in Canada are eligible to apply for a Criminal Record Check in Canada.
What is the difference between a vulnerable sector check and a criminal record check?
A vulnerable sector check includes increased screening for sexual offenses. It is required for those who work or volunteer with any one part of a vulnerable population which includes children and those who, because of their age, disability, or other cir...
Can I conduct a vulnerable sector check with this service?
No, Instant Record Check is only able to provide a basic criminal record check. To add a vulnerable sector check you must visit your local police station in person.
Where does Instant Record Check get its information?
Instant Record Check has a partnership with the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) and directly sends requests to their database using secure AES 256-bit encryption.
How do I clear my criminal record?
Instant Record Check does not provide any services to help clear criminal records. Please check with your local police station for more information.
How much does a criminal record check cost?
A Criminal Record Check through Instant Record Check costs $59.97 plus tax.
I have a criminal record, can I use this criminal record check service?
Currently, the platform is only intended to verify if you do not have a criminal record.